Tackling the big bad world of the overdraft

It’s been a while, my coals. I have been busy working on my business and trying to focus on sorting myself out financially because I want to move back to London as soon as possible.

My credit card is paid in full, and now it is my overdraft that needs to get tackled. It is interest-free but once it is paid back, I am back in the game. I paid £10 into it on Friday, which means there is now £1,990 left to pay by July 2012.

I really want to ensure that I can get this overdraft paid back as soon as possible.

Once it has been paid, I will be DF. I cannot wait to start earning more cash so I can get there.


5 thoughts on “Tackling the big bad world of the overdraft

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  2. so very happy for you. every little helps. I ought to try hard to clear some debts I have. So upset with my bank I plan to close my savings account and open one elsewhere. Only pennies in there anyway. I so need to set myself savings goals and stick them.

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