What would you do?

What would you do if….

  • you were dumped out of the blue 2 months ago
  • you were confused and hurt and tried to get answers and recevied the customary ”it’s not you it’s me” and ”I don’t love you anymore” a few days after you received I love yous and I miss yous.
  • you heard that you were the topic of conversation between your ex and his friends at the dinner table, about how he was going to break up with you before he actually did it?
  • you heard that your ex told his friends he wanted to break up with you because he wanted to ‘party’ and go out?

I found all this out in the past two weeks. It’s been really difficult for me, because I have definitely been doing no contact for around 5-6 weeks, after he told me that his point of view had not changed. I later found out through a very reliable source that he told his friends just a few days we broke up that he was going to break up with me because he wanted to go out/party/whatever.

To say I am crestfallen is an understatement. I was doing no contact and I was getting there, and finding out this information has been very difficult for me to digest.

Remember I may have mentioned that he organised a party the week he dumped me, just 2 days after he broke it off? Well, the same source who went to this party told me that he told her that he broke up with me and that while I seemed sad, I knew it was coming…

I’m devastated.



9 thoughts on “What would you do?

  1. How would I feel? I’d feel like I’d just shed a complete jerk out of my life. But not before feeling like he’d ripped my heart out and trampled on it.

    Aulelia, I’m sorry to hear it. Right now it stings like hell, but in time you’ll see he’s not worth it. He lacks tact, class, and decency. Worse – he’s made himself look like an absolute cad to everyone he’s discussed this with before talking to you.

    Channel that pain and wasted energy into writing about it. Some of the best creativity comes from our pain. It’s also a great way to work out your feelings.

    • Thanks for your comment, loridw. It’s been a real struggle and literally almost killed my copywriting business in July. I think you are right about channelling it into writing and business. I am so trying to do that, yet I feel so annoyed at the same time!

  2. Continue no contact. This is an unexpected wrench thrown into your progress. Sit with the feelings, no matter how comfortable, and work through them. He is clearly an undercover jackass; your questions prove this without a doubt. If you look over your own questions again & see that he’s an undercover jackass, they’ll help you deal with these feelings quicker. Take it easy, take care.

  3. Awww, Aulelia, sorry to hear this. It seems like this guy was too young and immature for a serious relationship. Unfortunately, after he’s done “playing the field” he’ll realize a good woman is pretty damn hard to find. I guess this doesn’t change anything, you still just have to keep moving forward. I hope you meet a great gut who is capable of giving you the relationship you want.

    • Thanks for your kind words, Aisha. It is just so hard to deal with but I am trying my best to have a positive perspective on the whole situation.

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