Business Notes: It’s a wrap – how August ’11 shaped up for my copywriting business

As August winds to a close, I want to take a look back at the business. The summer months were a bittersweet time – I was so happy in a relationship I loved and then it all ended abruptly. This also killed my business and literally wiped out 90%+ of my business back when I was earning really good money and now, I am literally back to square one trying to earn what I used to earn.

It was a bitter pill to swallow financially.

August 2011 is looking much better even though my financial earnings have depleted. In the aim of being transparent, I’m going to explain how August ’11 looked for me:

New clients: 1

Repeat clients: 2, though the latter client though this client went on holiday in the second half of the month.

Cold calls: 11 (I did these 11 yesterday – I got around 7 email addresses for contacts from receptionists and one contact looked particularly promising)

Total revenue for copywriting business this month: £2,035.50

What do you all think? At least I’m back into four figures. July murdered my copywriting business where I barely made £100 and like my heart, August sees it coming back together slowly but surely.


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