Taking A Leap of Faith “Update”

If you read my previous post “Taking a Leap of Faith” you know soon I’ll be relocating to whole different city. So here’s an update on how things have been going so far …

Supposedly relocating is supposed to be fun especially for someone like me young, no kids, no commitments this is what I was told. Well it’s been a little fun and a little stressful and it doesn’t make it any better that I’m one of those people who worry about every little thing.

  • Employment – Have yet to find a job but I really think my best bet at finding a job is when I actually move there. Right now I’ve been sending out my resume to at least 3 companies a week. At this point I’m just trying to make some contacts and see if there are openings once I get down there.
  • Living arrangements – Had my friend go look at the apartment I’m applying for everything checked out good. Talked to management and their sending me all my paperwork to get done. I’m actually lucky I did it so early because apartments go so quickly.
  • Moving Fund – Still looking good and getting closer to my goal.
  • Organization -. I’m actually very surprised on how well I’ve been doing with organizing everything. I’ve been going through my paperwork and clothes and throwing out things I don’t need which has been a whole lot. I say the less I take the better moving will be for me.

Lately as it gets close to moving I’ve been feeling anxious and excited at the same time. There are times when I also think to myself should I really do this, but I know it’s something I need to do.

If you have any tips on moving please let me know!!


4 thoughts on “Taking A Leap of Faith “Update”

  1. @ Miss S you pretty much named every reason I decided to move. Im ready to start my own life, there’s more opportunities where I’m going, and I need something new in my life. I said before I turn 25 if I wasn’t happy with what I was doing or where I was at that a change must be made.

    @ Aulelia thanks I’m little scared! But I own a car already so I’m good in that area.

  2. That’s pretty brave. I moved to a different country more than three years ago. And while it was exciting, I don’t think I can do it again. Even the thought of it is daunting. I guess the older one growns the fewer risks we are willing to take.
    If you don’t mind my asking, why the move? More opportunities, wanted to be away from home and start your own life or you love the city you’re moving to?

    All the best and keep us updated.

  3. I am so excited for you! This sounds like an exciting time 🙂

    My number one tip is sorting out transport – will you get a car or use the train while you are there?

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