Why do we even care about afro hair salons anymore?

Claire at thecocobelle wrote an interesting posts asking where all the good hair salons are in London. Check out her post here for an in-depth look, yet one part of her article really stood out to me. Claire wrote about what she thought was important in an afro hair salon:

  • an idea of a start and finish time – don’t just let your client sit there like a fool – beginning, middle or end!

I agree and this made me think – why do afro hair salons persist with making people wait? In fact, why are afro hair salons always so terrible to the point where we as women have to go online to vent about them? I actually think the afro hair salon will become extinct if stylists and business owners do not get their acts together.

Perhaps up-scale salons such as Junior Green and Errol Douglas will survive as there are more moneyed women floating around in London who are black, but again people like Errol Douglas are controversial especially in his take on natural hair, which already puts me off to go to his salon.

I think afro hair salons, whether you are in Dar-es-Salaam like me or in London like thecocobelle, are going to have a hard time figuring our who their target market is. Afro hair salons are a business so why don’t they act like businesses and care for their clients?

I am going to get my hair braided after taking these braids out after perhaps a few weeks and I can tell you this much, I don’t want to wait or sit and talk about nonsense when I go to the salon.

I just have two words: Braid, Bitch!  



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