Hair Updates/Hairever II

Last weekend I decided to take down my yarn twist and redo them since I had the weekend off. I definitely had to do a good wash and good deep conditioned since my hair was so dry due to my laziness. I failed to moisturize my hair but this time around I’ve been spraying my hair every other day and my yarn twist look refreshed.

What I’m starting to notice about my hair is my dry scalp. At first I just thought I just had a case of just excessive dry scalp but along with this dryness I get sores. I was thinking about going to a dermatologist but I decided to do some researching first and see if I can find a solution myself. After a week of searching I went to the health food store and found a product called Hairever II Scalp and Vitamin Tonic.

Hairever is a spray solution that you spray on to the scalp and massage into the scalp. The solution is supposed to prevent dryness and leave hair moisturized. I havent tried it but tonight will be my first time I’m hoping this can help my problem.

Here’s a picture of my hair, I’ve been wearing it up in some type of side bun I came up with.


2 thoughts on “Hair Updates/Hairever II

  1. Good post, but next time try the Take Down Remover- it really softens up the hair when you want to take down a hair style even if your hair is very dry or un-moisturized.

    It make the take down process faster and easier too.

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