What is your finance personality like when you have a partner?

I’ve definitely been a spender rather than a saver, but I definitely tried this year to turn over a new leaf. 2011 has ushered in some new changes: I finally paid off that credit card which had been on me for a while.

This got me thinking – what are our financial personalities like and how important are they when we are looking for a partner? My ex was someone who seemed tight-fisted with money, but I did not know exactly the ins and outs of his finances. In fact, we both never really broached the personal finance topic at all during our relationship and that never really bothered me because whenever we went out, he would pay and I would also pay every now and then and I would always offer too. The reason why it never bothered me was because we both run our own businesses so in a way, I knew that money was on his mind, as it is mine, but we seemed to definitely like not wasting too much.

So, I want to know – what is your finance personality when you are in a relationship? Do you pay or are you someone who can spend like there is no tomorrow?


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