3 reasons why my copywriting business failed in July 2011!

Wow, July 2011 was a bad month for love & money. Not only did I get dumped by one who I thought was the love of my life but I almost lost my heart & soul: my copywriting business!

Let me explain: what I normally do is find clients then outsource the work to other credible copywriters and sometimes, I do the copywriting work myself. July 2011 saw me lose one huge contract because one of my copywriters fucked up (trust me, not using her again) and this lost contract happened the day my ex-boyfriend dumped me. That was a terrible week in July. Here are the 3 reasons why my copywriting business almost failed in July 2011:

  1. No cold calls: I take full responsibility for the fact no cold calls were made and that is not good enough. I was so immobilised by this break-up and I could barely get out of bed, let alone get on the telephone.
  2. No cold emails: Same as above but these are more time-consuming. I simply did not do them and frankly, no excuse except this love shit works. Even then, it still does not work.
  3. No marketing/strategic planning: Each month, I am normally thinking of new markets to target for copywriting. I did none of this.

July 2011 was just a haze of me lying in bed and eating chocolate. For the first time in 1 year, my copywriting business was not at the forefront of my mind – and that’s scary.

In the spirit of transparency, I am going to start revealing more financial details about my business endeavours so you can get an idea of where I am trying to go and it will encourage me to work even harder.

July 2011’s financial revenue was a grand total of £194 ($318 for my US readers). July’s revenue was the lowest revenue I have had for the longest time. I lost virtually all of my business in one month because I was not focused on my business. I know had I had the same focus that I had in May & June, I would have had a good month because I was making good money in May & June.

July 2011’s revenue had me at the point where I basically lost of all my business, and more than 95% of my revenue was lost from the previous month. I take full responsibility because it is my responsibility to find clients but honestly had this love nonsense not stabbed me in the heart, July would have been a good month. As we are in August now, I have already made back July’s total revenue a few times over with new jobs filed and one new client whose commission I am working on right now.

Let me know what you think and whether love really can kill business!


5 thoughts on “3 reasons why my copywriting business failed in July 2011!

  1. Oh Kags que s’est il passé ???
    J’ai pas trop compris…
    Je t’envoie un mail prochainement.
    Bisous ma chérie

  2. I’ve been through much worse. I won’t detail here but it was much, much worse. Keep moving and keep pounding away. It sounds like you’ve got a good business going. So keep going.

    • Scott, many thanks for your comment. I also checked out your website & blog. I think in the nature of copywriting, there is a lot to be said for being mentally fit because if your head is not right for whatever reason, the work will suffer.

  3. Sometimes that happens especially when your not focused you can lose out. Dont be do hard on yourself just learn from it. Looks like you bounced back into your work.

    • I agree – this post is really about the perils of what happens when you lose focus. I don’t want to lay all the blame on the break-up but it was a huge reason why the sales were low.

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