5 reasons why Beyoncé’s always gets people talking!

King B on the cover of British Harper’s Bazaar – Sept ’11 !

Beyoncé’s on the cover of the new issue of British Harper’s Bazaar. There is nothing stopping this hot musical juggernaut from Texas! Here are my 7 seven reasons why Beyoncé continues to get people talking:

1. She’s relentless: for the release of this new album, King B has been everywhere from the glossy pages of W magazine to the muddy slosh of Glastonbury. Do you think there is anything such as being too persistent? Maybe Beyoncé can answer that!

2. She’s beautiful: yes people, that goes without saying but her beauty definitely has people watching. Look at the hundreds of comments gossip blogs get by posting her looks. Do you think she gets off on looks alone? Now, I know you don’t think that! Her stage costumes and her general dress sense always has tongues wagging too.

3. She seems to want to do everything: this is the one thing about Beyoncé that I think riles people up. Films, perfume and music? Why the hell not I say! We live in a world of capitalism – if it works for her, it should work for you too!

4. She’s a top class performer: it shocks me that people only discovered Beyoncé’s performing skills during Glastonbury this year. Having seen her in concert twice, I know this girl can run around like no one else.

5. She sells: without a doubt, Beyoncé’s brand of R&B pop is clearly still a delicious morsel with the buying public. BET cites Beyoncé sold over 1m units in the US, making her platinum in the US in just one month. That’s impressive and oh yes, she has already sold 1 million CDs worldwide and yours truly ordered hers as well. Beyoncé sells because she appeals to her fans. And yes sirs and ladies, one of them is me!

Do you think Beyoncé is over-rated and over-saturated or are you ready for her next single, Party? Tell me in those comments! Personally, I think from a marketing viewpoint, Beyoncé is successful because she is wholesome and there in lies her appeal. What do you all think?


2 thoughts on “5 reasons why Beyoncé’s always gets people talking!

  1. I think Beyonce is extremely talented-in fact, I don’t think people giver her enough credit, especially voice wise. However, #3 on your list does get on my nerves, lol. It’s like, you can’t be good at everything. God bless her for trying, but certain things she needs to give up, such as acting. I think people get ticked off because people with more talent than her in certain areas don’t get the same opportunities as her because she is famous.

    • I totally understand this part of the argument, Aisha. I think Beyonce is a good actress (Obsessed was good) and I am keen to see what she will do for a Star is Born.

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