New Hairstyle: Braids (July 2011) & Why Black Hair Salons Will Fail

A few days ago in July, I got a fresh new hairstyle. Take a look below:

Excuse the bushy brows - trying to copy Beyoncé...kidding, need to pluck 'em!

Sadly, the work the stylist did in the back of my hair was terrible. I told her two-strand twists and she started doing normal braids. The stylist claimed she did not hear me say two-strand. Then she claimed that large two-stranged twists would not look good on me because I had not relaxed it and therefore the two-strand twists would look ‘swollen’ (that’s the English translation I can think of for the word she used in Swahili).

I am sick and tired of these bollocks stylists in black hair salons who don’t know what to do.

The hairstyle is alright but nothing special. The worst part? She forgot to undo some of the two-strand twists when they convinced me to do normal braids so the back of my head has some two-strand twists left. So fucking annoying.


4 thoughts on “New Hairstyle: Braids (July 2011) & Why Black Hair Salons Will Fail

  1. That’s not cool at all. She would of done them over. Every salon you go tends to have horrible service which is ridiculous. That’s why I would rather do my own hair.

  2. Where did you go? That does not fly in the DC area at all. I’ve actually told braiders to start over when they’ve done something wrong. And if I get home and its still not right, the next time I go in, they hear about it. I have had them recommend one style over another because they think the one they’re reccing is better suited for my natural hair, but if I insist (and I do so quite often), they will do what I request, because I’m PAYING them, not the other way around.

    • Thanks for your comment, Black Velvet. I’m in Tanzania which sadly does not have the customer service standards of US stylists.

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