Three Things I Learned About Saving

I thought I would share more with you all about me preparing to relocate, I find it to be a stress reliever and your comments in my previous post really helped me out a lot. I really appreciate everyone that commented, it really let me know that I’m not alone and there are people in similar situations like myself. Now about saving … I mentioned in my previous post that I needed to have enough money to survive for a couple of months if I’m unable to find a job before I go. It’s truly been a learning experience trying to save up a large amount of money. But after learning what works and what doesn’t work for me I’ve been able to grasp it.

1. You need to set an amount (goal) you want to reach and it needs to be realistic! For instances if you only make $7.00 an hr and only work 3 times a week, a goal to set aside $2000 a month is not going to work in your favor. You have to keep in mind that you still have obligations to bills and other expenses. I actually sat down and figured out what I paid in bills every month including other expenses and was able to come out with a reasonable number that’s reachable. So I have my main moving goal fund and I’ve calculated what I could afford to set aside each week.

2. Don’t touch or play with the money! What do I mean by this? I set up an account that’s strictly for my moving fund. Depending on who you bank with I was able to have an account set up where I have a certain amount deposited in my account automatically. I don’t even dip in at all it’s off-limits. Therefore meaning I don’t touch the money or play with the money.

3. Did I mention that having a smart phone is so great! I have an iPhone and there’s this really great app called Pageonce that financially organizes you. It keeps you updated on your bills, notifies you when their due, keeps you updated on the status of your bank account and a lot more. Every since I had this app I’ve been on top of my finances and it’s really helped me save. If you’re not hip I urge you try it out.

So that’s what I’ve learned so far about saving and it’s been keeping me on track. Do you find it hard to save especially in this economy?


4 thoughts on “Three Things I Learned About Saving

  1. I am not a big fan of saving money yet, but when I want something, I can make myself save for it.

  2. Saving money is so hard for me because I am not a saver at all but I want to be a saver as soon as possible. I found that putting 10% aside of whatever I have is a good way of starting.

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