How cocoa butter is inspiring me to get toned legs

Cocoa butter has always been one of those things that I have used since I was a baby, but lately I have been running towards other types of emollients. I don’t know why. Keep it simple is what I should be reminding myself about. Now I am trying to rejuvenate my whole body and beauty outlook. It is basically August and I’ve gone through a break-up. I need to put the focus back on looking good and that shining through my body. Getting my legs in shape has been a key focus of mine and I have been doing squats and lunges this month, though I need to ramp it up. One tool I am using in conjunction with toned legs is cocoa butter.

1. Legs

There are two options for keeping your legs toned which is mainly Palmer’s Cocoa Butter which I have tried, and Vaseline’s Cocoa Butter. In particular, there is a new Vaseline option as well. I have pictured the old guard Palmer’s Cocoa Butter and the new whippersnapper Vaseline options below:

Results so far: My squats and lunges have not been as vigorous as Beyonce’s is rumoured to be but I can feel a difference, albeit a small one on the top of my thighs. They do feel like they are getting harder so I think I need to use this as inspiration. Cocoa butter is definitely having an effect on me. I am going to try the Vaseline cocoa butter range and see whether it can knock Palmer’s off the pedestal. We shall see!

Let me know in the comments if cocoa butter is your tool to get that sleek body you have always wanted.

Current weight as of Wed 27 July ’11: 63 kilos

Dream weight: 56 kilos.


3 thoughts on “How cocoa butter is inspiring me to get toned legs

  1. I’ve always used cocoa butter to help with the scars on my legs and it has definetly helped me in terms of that.

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