Maybe, some Tanzanian businesses don’t understand customer service

Two weeks ago, something really interesting yet extremely annoying pissed me off. I went to a bar/lounge in Mikocheni with my cousin and her friend. Both of them ordered shisha. One round came though they said it was weak and told the waiter that they wanted another round.

It never came.

50 minutes later, we wanted to leave and we all started fighting with the waiters and management about paying. Eventually, one of the waiters started laughing and I was like, excuse me, WTF are you laughing? How is this funny?

What shocked me was I did this whole slagging match in Swahili. I did not know my language had improved that much.

Which leads me to wonder, why is it that businesses in Africa are so weak on customer service?


4 thoughts on “Maybe, some Tanzanian businesses don’t understand customer service

  1. Hi, long time no write. As stated elsewhere I now live in Africa and find that customer care, service, attitude is definitely lacking to the point that when I’m ‘partnering’ with an international company, and when things don’t move as quickly or as smoothly as they want, they become stroppy. I have to remind them that this is the third world and not everyone has an MBA nor understand the ‘common-sense’ business etiquette, which for us from the first world, take for granted. Making money is very difficult here and I have to be patient and take into account of people’s sensitivity.

    • I think a lot of has to do with immaturity as opposed to being a third world country. I think in Tanzania’s case, many people here who own businesses in service based industries such as booze + food
      are immature in their outlook of how customers choose watering holes. People assume, instead of putting effort into customer service.

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