Business Notes: What should I do?

I’m having a professional dilemma of sorts. Business is progressing at a slower pace which means that I am spending lots of time marketing. June was a month doing more marketing for my business, and I did get more repeat business from two of my main clients.

One issue is niggling at me though, and while I am not losing sleep over it, I am feeling a mixture of disappointed and uncertainty. I think I may have named the issue but here it is in full – and I’d like to get your feedback on what to do:

I wrote an article for an onlineĀ publication which is quite well known. I had the impression that it would get published so all I did was follow up a few times to enquire if my article was okay/was my revision okay/when would it get published? This was not so much about money but more about the brand cachet I would get from it. I was excited. I was thrilled at the idea of getting published there because I think it would further my copywriting future.

I never really got a definitive answer from the publication and I received a terse email from the editor saying that I should basically not be following up as much because the more I follow up, the less likely they know when it will be published. I never replied to that email – I was really surprised that I received such a curt email because I think my request was fairly straightforward. Other magazines I wrote for told me when my article would be published, so I just I would enquire.

One month has passed.

I didn’t reply back because I didn’t want to irk the commissioning contact.

However – now I am thinking – did I just roll over? Was that behaviour really necessary? What should I do? Part of me wants to email her again and follow up with her, but then I don’t want to receive another brusque email.

I don’t think it’s fair to treat anyone who is simply following up in a rude way. I mean, it was not a cold email – they told me to write the story.

It’s a catch 22 situation.


5 thoughts on “Business Notes: What should I do?

  1. I’d withdraw the article, or is that not possible at this point. The response from the editor was completely rude

    • @Peter Clare, welcome to the blog + thanks for commenting. I actually have an update: they killed the story anyway and only because I followed up did I find out.
      I think her behaviour was rude and unprofessional.

  2. Mmmm this is really a complicated situation. I agree that is no way to treat someone at all and doesn’t seem professional. I feel like you I wouldn’t want to reply either.

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