Business Notes: Pick-Me-Up & Forget-Me-Not

Number of rejections this week for vox-popPRcarees when I cold-enquired about internship ads: 2

Number of potential internship ads: 1


”I’ll get back to you” – that’s one of the most common threads of phrases that anyone who is trying to start a business hears. You hear it when you do sales calls. You hear it when people say they will write back. And naturally many don’t. I have definitely improved leaps and bounds of writing back to people, because that is what I would like people to do to me.

Trends I have noticed in business so far include that some prospects might not even get back to you for a few days, then snap, crackle, pop – out of the blue, you receive a reply. Which brings me to my next point – what do you do when the prized client/company you wanted to get so much reject you or don’t give you room to leverage your business ideas?


I’m going to name the company I contacted because I have so much respect and love for the brand. I contacted Rolls-Royce last week because I wanted to enquire whether they had any work placements going. My aim was to get a communications placement for interns and moreover to get it placed on my website. Currently, I only charge for jobs advertised on my website, not internships. I contacted the person who I wanted to get to. I will say this: she was kind and courteous enough to get back to me.

  • Sadly – it was a rejection of sorts which said that they didn’t have any vacancies for placements but should they have any, they will keep me in mind.

To read a rejection from Rolls-Royce on Friday afternoon was disheartening. I really wanted to get them because I love the brand a lot and I want to get excellent opportunities for graduates for my careers website. I know it is like a hybrid rejection of thanks but perhaps later but in this competitive world of online recruitment, vox-popPRcareers is such a small fish. I deeply hoped to get them. Which leads me to think – how do you make people remember you? How do you make companies want to use you?

I am still trying to understand how to have a relentless focus on not focusing on rejection. I hope I can get over this but I won’t say it didn’t crush me.

How do you pick yourself up after being rejected? Please let me know in the comments!



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