Business Notes: How do you make yourself persevere?

Cold emails sent today to clients for copywriting business: 3

Cold calls done last week for copywriting & vox-popPRcareers: 2 on Friday 11 June ’11

Copywriting features done today for client: 2

Perseverance is hard! I find it difficult to persevere with my business ventures because I am worried I will fail. Yet, what is the alternative. Since Friday, I did 2 cold calls. This is hardly going to put me in the sales hall of fame but it is better than nothing. At the moment, I am in the middle of two big projects for one of my repeat clients who I need to impress and execute excellently for. However, I wanted to take a break to write about the art of perseverance because I think it is relevant to my work at the moment.

I have one issue: my affiliate marketing work for vox-popPRcareers is trickling in users but not at the pace that I need in order for it to be financially viable. However, I did get Mothercare, a famous British retailer, to advertise a job on the website which made me think that premium job advertisements might make more sense than affiliate marketing. Here’s a snapshot of the mathematics behind some of my thinking:

  • Premium advertisments on vox-popPRcareers cost £25 and I sent a cold email to Mothercare which worked and they advertised with me.
  • I signed up 111 graduates to an affiliate programme that I promote on vox-popPRcareers. However, it took 8,510 clickthrus to get me 111 people to go through with the sign up. This means I got a return of 1.3% percent through direct marketing on Twitter and pushing aggressively. 1.3% is just so tiny.

I am re-assessing how to bring in revenue for vox-popPRcareers. I think I am going to stop with affiliate marketing for a little while, and focus on cold advertising sales. Through a cold email, I managed to get a top British company to advertise with me and pay, whereas I could have spent a whole week aggressively marketing the affiliate programme and not even made £1.

Lesson learning: Time to get on the telephone and start making cold phone calls to recruiters to increase the number of premium job advertisers with me.

Even though I did cold calling on Friday, it still terrifies me to the point where I would rather traverse through Antartica however, I know that it is the only way to build up my copwriting business, get higher paying clients and find premium job advertisers for vox-popPRcareers.

The light I have at the end of the tunnel is living my life the way I want to outside of family restraints, so I know I have to focus.

How do you make yourself persevere? Let me know!



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