Am I Losing My Baby Hair? (3+ Pix)

What do you think? I am noticing that my baby hair on my right hand side of my head is fading yet on the left hand side my hair is full and thick. Do any of you have ideas of what is happening?

I can think of one thing: I don’t sleep with a scarf on and I always sleep on the right hand side of my head. Could this be the reason?


3 thoughts on “Am I Losing My Baby Hair? (3+ Pix)

  1. I agree with hokey I have the same problem it’s the thinnest part of my hair. You have to be careful when your putting in extensions.

  2. I find that area is the most susceptible to thinning from overhandling – for me it was too-tight extensions that started to pull the hair out, and then when I first went natural i’d always put bobby pin in that area when trying to make a little fringe, which also made it thinner on one side (cause I’d always have the fringe to one side)… not sure if not wearing a headscarf could be the cause for you but maybe try wearing one for a couple months and see if that makes a difference?

    Mine’s pretty much grown back now and that’s because I just leave it alone as much as possible – no hairbands, no bobby pins, very little handling of those areas when twisting etc… I do wear my hair in a bob but there’s no tension – I think that’s the key. Don’t worry, it will grow back!

    • @hokey, those are some really good tips you have there. I think I have definitely over handled it because I always wear headbans so I am going to cut down on it. I eat healthily too so I hope that has a good effect on it. Thanks for your comment!

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