Why Hustling for Sales is like driving a Land Rover 4×4

Cold speculative emails sent: 5

Number of rejections: 0

Number of replies from prospects: 0

Today was a day of two halves: I have started a new beginning for one arm of my business, while still driving on rocky road with trying to drum up new business.

Good Half of the Day:

  • Got a small but new commission that I can turn over in a morning. It is a copywriting commission.
  • I finally bought the domain name for my marketing agency that I want to build, which is the reason why I look for clients.

Bad half of the day

  • No replies from the x 5 cold emails I sent, which I thought were well-written. Either no one read them, no one wanted my services or they were sent to spam. Either way, there were no replies.
  • I sent x 2 follow up emails to prospects who I had found doing cold emails in Autumn 2010. No bites back from them.

It’s become clear to me that the summer months are going to be an uphill battle because people go on holiday with their families, the sun is out in the West and everything is warm and glowy. Not so great if you want to focus on building sales.

I have to move away from e-mail permanently as a mechanism to create sales. I think one reason why I am worried about the phone, is I am now in Tanzania (hoping to go back to the UK soon) but how will that make me look to international clients? Guess I never know until I try.


2 thoughts on “Why Hustling for Sales is like driving a Land Rover 4×4

  1. I’m thinking there has to be some type of program or feature that allows you to have a telephone number (such as a UK one) which then reroutes the calls to your Tanzania number. I have seen businesses do this here in the U.S. when they are trying to establish a presence in a certain city.

    • Aisa, what a splendid idea! I need to check into this because I think being in Tanzania is hurting my chance for my British business aspirations so calls would help to change that.

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