Swimming in a pool of rejection

Come on in, the water’s ice cold!

Number of cold emails sent to prospects yesterday: 2

Number of rejections yesterday: 1

Dealing with rejection can be extremely hard, because it makes you feel like you are basically not good. However, I know there is no point drowning in self-pity about rejections. I have been sending concise below-150 word cold emails to prospects looking to add to more copywriting portfolio of work. Yesterday, I received one rejection saying ‘thank you but we’ll keep your details on file’. This is a difficult one to deal with because while it is a no, the ‘we’ll keep your details on file’ might make you think that you have a chance in the future. I was disappointed because I did spend considerable time researching the company that I sent the email too. However, I am going to try and look at things from a positive angle:

1. Got a few rejections this week: I got a few rejections via e-mail this week to cold emails I sent, besides the one rejection yesterday. Perhaps this means that my services are not needed, my business will not work or it could mean that even though I am getting a response, I need to send more cold eamils. I have been doing lots of research and I have found that the cold email response rate is hideously low as most people just ignore cold emails. The fact I got 4 cold email rejections to contacts I found could mean that at least I am getting a response rate.

In the second week of June starting next week, I think I need to up the number of cold emails I am sending, and then start doing the dreaded phone calls to up my income. I hate getting rejected (who doesn’t) but I crave success more than rejection so I know I have to get on with it.

How do you deal with rejection? Do you try and ignore it?


2 thoughts on “Swimming in a pool of rejection

  1. When I was in sales I used to keep my chin up this way:
    If my closing rate is 10% it means I have to see on average 10 customers to close a sale.
    If my commission for a sale is $1000 – then each time someone says no I have made $100!

    Now you would like to see the guy who buys first and forget about the other 9.
    Most often than not it does not work quite like that…

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