Business Notes: How do you stay motivated when it seems like nothing is working?

One aspect of my business endeavours is nurturing vox-popPRcareers, my careers website. At the moment, the website had 1,787 unique visitors according to Google Analytics for May 2011 which is a marked improvement from last year when I could barely get 100 people a month.

I have started to get involved into social commerce, which to my knowledge involves using social communities such as Twitter and forums to increase revenue. The Twitter face of vox-popPRcareers has around 800+ followers which has certainly helped to improve the number of people signing up their CVs to my affiliate partner’s website.

Lessons I am learning from promoting vox-popPRcareers affiliate marketing efforts include:

1] A watched kettle never boils: There were some days where I would work really hard on trying to encourage people to sign up their CVs through Twitter and then there would be no sign ups. Sometimes, when I wouldn’t check my stats for a few days, people would sign up. It’s hard not to be obsessive about checking the statistics but I know that honestly checking them too much does not help. Better to just focus on working hard!

2] It takes time: Getting people to sign up is difficult and does take time. But if I don’t utilise my time every day, then that’s another day wasted that I can’t get back. So far, vox-popPRcareers has signed 109 people up to my affiliate marketing sales partner’s programme. This is good but it needs to be better.

How am I trying to keep myself motivated?

I keep thinking about my financial goals like buying my first car, saving money and creating a will. It is difficult but the good thing about affiliate marketing is that you can see how much money you have made that has not yet been ‘cashed-in’ as it were and provided the company you work for does not go bust, it can be a good way to earn money on the side.

I have been spending a lot of time working on finding clients for the copywriting arm of my business endeavours and finding people to sign up their CVs for my affiliate. I think it is important to try your best to stay motivated.

At the moment, that is difficult for me because I am also trying to lose weight. All in all, once I reach my goals, I know the rewards will be worth it, but getting there is the problem!

What do you dot o stay motivated? Tell me in the comments!


2 thoughts on “Business Notes: How do you stay motivated when it seems like nothing is working?

  1. Probably setting goals and keeping yourself accountable to them is the way to go.
    Decide where you want to be one year from now.
    Break it down into monthly and then weekly targets.
    It’s a case of “control your thoughts or your thoughts will control you…”

    I am in the same boat as you – promoting a portfolio of web services.
    It’s a hard slog but that’s the only thing I’ve got for me.
    So there is only one way – forward!

    • Yes, I do all this like setting up goals. I think it’s hard because your mood can change every now and then. I think working alone also makes things much harder to deal with.

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