Beyoncé’s Legs = Perfection IV: The rise of the glossy tuxedo!

This post is for my vintage Charcoal Ink readers who know it is Beyoncé season, so what else does that mean on CI? More Bee-themed posts!

I’ll be honest, I have not been on my B grind as much as I should be. Too focused on my business, but I cannot wait for her new album now that I have some relaxing time off this Friday evening. This picture above was done for one of Oprah’s farewell shows and it reminded me that I really need to whip my arse into shape!

Why her legs are awesome in her tuxedo bodysuit:

As if they need any explanation, the songbird from Houston has some exercise regime that creates legs that look like columns. I have put on weight and my legs are jiggling like gelatin in Haribo sweets. It is not cool. When I watched the performance of RTW that Bee did for Oprah, I noticed that besides her voice, the star of the show are them pins!

Just when I felt like reaching for a bottle of ice-cold Coke from the cooler-fridge today, I thought about how I want to get my legs in shape. Somehow, I think Beyoncé does add that libation to her diet!

Do you think she has one of the best bodies? What do you think of her legs? I love men and I only wish I had legs like hers so keeping the attention of my boyfriend would go easier!

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