How I am planning an aggressive sales & marketing strategy for June 2011

I have to employ an aggressive sales strategy to get more clients for my copywriting business and to grow my careers website. I was talking to my friend yesterday on the phone and I was explaining to her that I am stuck between both business ideas because while copywriting can yield more per client, my jobs website has a website already and personalised e-mail addresses. I am still trying to get a website made for the copywriting business, but since I have been in Tanzania, I have been taking on a lot of financial responsibility in the household which is also eating my earnings.

What can I do to rectify the situation where I can still be financially responsible and have plenty of money around for me and my dreams?

There is only thing to do and that is create an aggressive sales strategy.


I sent about 15 cold personalised emails to prospective clients and HR contacts for the website. I got 2 rejections for the copywriting end of the business, and I received 1 reply back from a HR contact saying they would forward my email to ask about job vacancies for my careers website. Before, I would only send personalised emails/cold emails individually and hope for a reply. Now, I am sending personalised cold emails but I know I have to follow up on the telephone afterwards. I just have to do it to increase my earnings and reach the financial goals I want for myself.

I received a fashion copywriting commission from one of my repeat clients – it is an exciting brief to write about luxury fashion brands, and I managed to negotiate a rate increase for the content.


I have already sent work to the same repeat client and I am going to focus on creating more personalised cold emails to a list of people I want to work for. I do find it difficult to balance finding work vs doing work which is why I have one freelance copywriter working for me. I ultimately just want to be the one bringing in the deals. I know I have to focus and get the personalised cold emails sent to the people – I should add I am not spamming people. I send personalised emails to people raising things I noticed about their business and see if I can offer a solution. Spam is just wrong.

[Goals for the rest of June]

  • Spend at least one hour marketing each day: Marketing via email is just not enough. I need to get on the sodding phone. I think ironically I will start with cold calling employers. I just have to get this done. It’s hard to stay motivated when you are working alone, but I just need to think about my financial goals.
  • Find at least x 10 jobs for my careers website in June 2011: I landed one premier advertiser whose advert is expiring tomorrow. I have to find more jobs for people and be aggressive about this. I am offering jobs at £25 each, so the scale needs to be big to provide a return for me.
  • Increase the number of CVs signed up through my affiliate marketing programme: My goal is to reach 5,000 CVs by the end of the year signed up from people who live in Europe. So far, I have got 107 people signed up which means that I have 4,893 to go.

I spend about 60% of my time on the copywriting end, and 40% on the careers end. I want to make as much money as possible, so I can finally create an agency website, give Charcoal Ink a makeover and create a healthy savings account.

It’s clear that I need to get on Alexander Graham Bell’s telephone and start working for the cash I really want.

Do you have any aggressive sales strategies? Have you ever been aggressive when you worked in sales? Let me know and please comment!


2 thoughts on “How I am planning an aggressive sales & marketing strategy for June 2011

  1. I love your drive! I need to put some similar energy towards landing a new job for myself. I am so easily discouraged.

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