Black Girls in Magazines: Beyoncé in ESSENCE (July 2011) & Is ESSENCE worth subscribing to?

[Image seen at The Hip Hop Insider]

Beyoncé  is ramping up her marketing efforts in light of her album release. When I get a few spare minutes, I like to see what’s happening and now this new magazine cover has been released. Since I started with my work, I don’t have time to catch up on everything vis-a-vis her career and I’ve stopped updating Beyoncé’s Lair, the fansite I made for her a while back. However, what I do think of this cover is that it looks summery and fresh.

I am not crazy about the hair colour, but the 60s bouffant hairstyle is a cool way to inject some spice into her image, which is wholesome and cheerful (which I love). I am not going to listen to any songs leaking, but I’m just going to buy the album when it’s released.

Ironically, last week, I was thinking of subscribing to ESSENCE magazine – the international rate is about $95 according to their website. Is it worth it? I can’t find any magazines for black women that I like so I think I will subscribe later this month. I called Black Enterprise to subscribe to their issue ($25 for 1 year for international subscribers) but I still haven’t seen movement off my debit card which was a bit odd. This makes me wonder if VISA in Europe & Africa is different to VISA in the US?

I’d love to hear any thoughts from anyone who subscribes to ESSENCE whether it’s worth its value in magazines. Because of my business, I actually spend less time reading blogs, and I only stop by to read my favourite blogs, comment on blogs with lots of discussion, so I think subscribing to magazines may make sense as I get the content in one place.


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