Business Revenue Update: May 2011 Musings

I stumbled across a fantastic blog by Lori Widmer for anyone who wants to be a writer or is in the freelance writing business. Her blog is brilliant, and she has one section called Monthly Assessment when she tallies up her business. It is a must-read for anyone who wants to do business so check it out. Feeling inspired by Lori’s blog, I’m going to start writing more about how I have been doing and use her idea of an assessment here.

Background: I am spending about 70% of my time building my copywriting & marketing business, while I spend the other 30% on vox-popPRcareers, my graduate website for people who want to work in PR, marketing & communications.

As May is creeping to a close, I think it’s okay to go ahead and dissect my performance.

The Good parts of May:

  • Five figure revenue for the copywriting business: I am okay with this, though I missed my targets to make more money. I have to work hard to build more business for the copywriting arm of my work.
  • Repeat business from 2 existing clients: My earnings for the copywriting business were solely from 2 repeat clients. While I am happy to have repeat business, I know I have to widen my net of clients to completely insulate myself incase the economy goes south.
  • A new premier advertiser for vox-popPRcareers: I am delighted to say that I landed Mothercare, the largest maternity retail brand in the UK, as a premier advertiser as they advertised one job on my website. I was absolutely over the moon and things have been going well so far. What I hope to do is capitalise off this advertisement to find more premier advertisers to post jobs.
  • Hired a new employee: My new employee is doing the copywriting for one of my existing client’s project which requires frequent content. It’s a relief to have someone on board.

The bad parts of May:

  • Missed targets: I should have made more money for the copywriting end of things. I sent 2 cold emails this week and I received no responses. Time to get dialling!
  • Missed targets for the affiliate arm of vox-popPRcareers: I want to get more people to sign up to my affiliate partner for vox-popPRcareers. So far, I have 100 sign ups which has resulted in £150 of affiliate income, however I need to get this up. Wha

June 2011 will be a hard month!


2 thoughts on “Business Revenue Update: May 2011 Musings

  1. What a pleasant surprise! Thanks for the link love. 🙂

    Your May doesn’t sound bad at all. I didn’t come near the five-figure goal, but I did okay.

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