As Carol’s Daughter ramps up its polyethnic marketing campaign, does this signal the end of marketing solely to black women?

Carol’s Daughter have really ramped up their marketing campaign: Cassie was out and about at a CD product launch and Allure Magazine have featured a post on their website about the women.

We briefly touched on the concept of Carol’s Daughter in another blog post, but I want to think clearly about what this means in a marketing point of view. From a business perspective, we will see if the numbers hold up at the end of the year because success of the new campaign hinges on the spokeswomen: Selita Ebanks is beautiful but I don’t have any background on her other than a model, which does not make me feel like purchasing a product. Solange is quirky and original, and a good choice for the line (maybe if she carried it alone?) and Cassie is bound to be the ‘selling star’ of the three because she is the most recognisable.

I think Carol’s Daughter are pointing to a shift in marketing only to black women. Lancome, Yves Saint Laurent are including black women in their marketing and hats off to YSL for being one of the only premier luxury brands to feature just a black woman on their beauty campaign. However, makeup and clothes are different because different ethnic hair reacts differently to ingredients in hair products.

I am pretty shocked by this new campaign because I don’t understand who it is actually going to help. You can’t have one size fits all for beauty or makeup because our skin and hair are different. I know if I buy a YSL concealer today, it is made for me because Jourdan Dunn’s face on their campaign shows that they are including black women. Would I buy a Carol’s Daughter product if it is for all women’s hair types under the sun? Would it truly be for my kinks and coils.

Say what you want about Luster’s Pink Lotion but at least Luster know who their market is!


4 thoughts on “As Carol’s Daughter ramps up its polyethnic marketing campaign, does this signal the end of marketing solely to black women?

  1. I’m so confused by Carol Daughter plan here especially with their choice of women they picked. I agree with you K. Solange could hold this campaign on her own. Also I believe the only reason they picked the other two Selita and Cassie was based on looks but that’s just my opinion.

  2. I don’t think this is the end because companies recognize that Black women spend a lot of money on hair products. I also agree that Solange “Solo Star” would have been the best choice for the campaign. If Carol’s Daughter were makeup products then I could understand. But I’m not too sure what she is trying to do here.

    • The ‘polyethnicity’ thing in Makeup (lord, that word is horrendous) could work but it does not work for hair at all. I think they should have just given the campaign at least for hair to Solange.

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