Does Lancôme see black women as a viable part of the beauty business market?

Lancôme have featured a new beauty advertising campaign with Arlenis Sosa as one of the featuring models.

[Image from Fashion Gone Rogue]

So is Lancôme trying to get a slice of the black female spending gateau?

Maybe – I was happy to see Sosa in this campaign and she looks lovely. I think the campaign is having the desired effect, at least on me because I feel like I want to whip up some purple eyeshadow and at least try and emulate this regal look.

I think luxury brands such as YSL & Lancôme are understand that there are a varied group of women around the world who want to purchase luxurious beauty products that transform. A lot of the financial spotlight is on Asia at the moment because of the rising Chinese middle class. I think this is fair as China’s economy has boomed over the past few years, however, I am willing to stake a claim that there will be a larger influx of black people in Africa and the Caribbean who will be part of a new middle class of buyers for beauty products.

Good on Lancôme for at least trying to appeal to black female beauty consumers.


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