The best thing about Beyoncé’s new video is…

…these amazing earrings that she is wearing below:

Verdict on the video: I am surprised because it seems like it is not complete. I am probably one of her biggest fans around, and I have to say, I didn’t leave feeling inspired by the song or the video. I hoped the video would make the song better. My issue is that the song is it feels so busy which has the negative effect because I can’t follow what she is saying. Her catalogue of songs for female empowerment in the B’Day era is actually incredible, such as Green Light. I am not sure what direction she is taking for her new album. I felt like the video was too cluttered (were all those women necessary?). Sometimes less is more.

I am looking forward to her new album and I will go and see her next tour if I can, but I want to see something new and different. She is a talented and beautiful girl, but we do need to innovate too. What did you all think of the video?


One thought on “The best thing about Beyoncé’s new video is…

  1. I’ll say this the girl can dance but I do not like her song. I feel like what she’s trying to do has already been done the song does not excite me at all.

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