Is this a sign that Yves Saint Laurent wants to break into African emerging markets?


The above advertisement is the new campaign for Yves Saint Laurent’s Touche éclat concealer. As you can see Jourdan Dunn is the cover model for the product. I think what this new advertising campaign says is that YSL is trying to reach black women as viable consumers. What does this mean for women and the industry:

[1] YSL reaches more women: YSL Touche éclat has always been seen as a fantastic concealer for Western women, and the fact YSL is using Jourdan Dunn as their new cover model highlights that they want to break into the emerging markets of Africa and the Caribbean. Wealthy African and Afro-Caribbean women are part of high societies in their native countries and abroad. I can imagine that marketing the product to them will be successful for the beauty brand.

[2] Black women dip their toes into luxury brands: Let’s face it, many luxury brands do not try to go out of their way to connect with African consumers which is a shame because as I am learning, there are many middle-class societies in African nations that can more than afford luxury goods. I think YSL are showing that they are cognisant of this by using Jourdan Dunn because she is a black women. It is encouraging because it highlights that they want to appeal to us.

Beauty products like concealer are money-makers for big cosmetic luxury companies such as YSL. I am interested to see how this campaign goes for them when this years numbers are revealed.

What do you think of this campaign?


2 thoughts on “Is this a sign that Yves Saint Laurent wants to break into African emerging markets?

  1. Personally I think all brands of makeup should cover women of different ethnicities to represent the beauty of multicultural, diverse populations. I think Jourdan is signature for this YSL ad. Her makeup looks fierce and she does not need to be a shade lighter to make some individuals comfortable. Some believe the lighter the shade the better. I personally find women of all shades beautiful especially among African women who should be celebrated, acknowledged, and centered not just on black owned business media (e.g. magazines, products, etc). YSL makes a serious mascara that I own. So I do buy their product. If it is going to eat a hole in my pocket, I might have to leave it be on the shelf. LOL! Mascara I like is inexpensive. I am hoping for a transformation of these luxury brand company to embrace and welcome African women of all ethnicities to grace their advertisements. Right now CoverGirl, Maybelline, Loreal not the high end cosmetic industries cover African females on their cover advertisement such as Beyonce, Queen Latifah, Halle Berry to name a few. Even Alek Wek would look phenomenal on a YSL advertisement. Our world is so diverse that I do not see how any particular brands cannot advertise to multiple ethnicities. I wonder who thought of the directing advertisement for the ad. So we can personally send the mail to say THANK YOU! 🙂

    • Thanks for your detailed comment 🙂

      I think you are absolutely right that YSL have chosen a signature girl in Jourdan Dunn. YSL wants to grow and they can see that the rich colours they have suit African women.

      I hope she gets a huge campaign!

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