Do You Plan to Color for The Summer?

It’s Memphiz and I’m finally back after a long needed break. But before I go into color let me update you all. The last time I wrote on here I was discussing the protective style I did which was a sew in weave. Let me say it didn’t protect my hair nor do anything for me. I actually had a lot of breakage and I believe it’s due to the fact that my hair was braided way too tight. My hair broke off so bad that it’s not even hanging on my shoulders like it was before I can you upset! So to sum it up I will not be getting another sew in anytime soon!!

Now on to color …

After taking out my sew in I decided it was time for something new, so I decided to color my hair. I use to color my hair every summer but a year and half a go I stopped to let my color grow out. This time around I went with Texture & Tones golden brown color. It wasn’t a drastic color change but it did make my hair look more lively I love the results. Someone asked me why I didn’t go with a more natural approach like henna. Well I’ve been there done that and I don’t like henna at all. For some people henna works for others it doesn’t. For me personally I felt it didn’t do anything for my hair really.

I’ll have pictures tomorrow. (my camera battery needs to charge)

Do you change your hair color once summer comes around? Take the poll below.


3 thoughts on “Do You Plan to Color for The Summer?

  1. Haven’t colored my hair in over 6 years. But it’s something to be taken into consideration from time to time. Not sure what color yet though.

  2. I love the idea of having some colour put in my hair: it’s hot all year round for the most part but still colour is a nice kick to a hair routine as well.

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