Are we just **bad** at customer service? – thoughts about black hair salons & black business

I am going to be posting more at Charcoal Ink, I promise as things have been busy with the business. One key theme that keeps coming back in for me is customer service or the lack of it. I want to discuss the whole concept of customer service especially from an African viewpoint. I’d love to get your thoughts:

I was in the bank today getting ready to pay one of my copywriters for a job they did today. I went to the till, filled out the Western Union papers and everything – things were getting started. There was a big queue of sorts, but my goodness, the cashiers were working so slowly. When I got to the till, I could barely hear her and I was leaning over like a prossie on a night job! I mean WTF!

That is just a minor example of many examples when it comes to me seeing what customer service means in Tanzania. Other examples that pop into my head unfortunately include hair salons in Tanzania:

  • One time, I went with my cousin to a hair salon and literally we were given the most dirtiest looks ever by the girls who worked there. What the hell is the point of death-staring your potential customer? What good does that serve exactly?
  • My local hair salon has stopped opening. I heard it has not actually gone under but the hairdresser seems to close the salon without giving regular clients like me notice.

My main question is why can’t we as Africans or whomever get customer service completely right? Why doesn’t it seem important to us?

I’d love to hear your thoughts about this.


2 thoughts on “Are we just **bad** at customer service? – thoughts about black hair salons & black business

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