How do you put worth in money?: an editorial about hair, business and life

Don’t they say that you should dress for success? I have been going to the salon much more often. At the moment, my hair is in an Afro but I have been buying Afro hair accessories such as hair bands to wear which I find cute. One thing that has become starker in my life at the moment since I have graduates and finished that Masters degree is money. Not in the sense of I want a guy who has money, but in the sense that how people treat money here at least is a marker for how they live their lives.

At the moment, as many of you know, I am trying to build a business. I knew it was going to be difficult but the idea of being my own person and creating my future from my own schedule is very scintillating. I have so much I want to share with you all on the business front, and I promise I will be posting more about that.

What I am learning, is that from every commission that I make, I value money in a different way. Recently, I won a £250 copywriting commission from a client. I was absolutely thrilled. I am working on the commission at the moment, however, when I think about this commission, I wonder about the following things:

*Saving 10% of this is good to put in my savings account

*Would I spend a small chunk of it on hair or other disposable income things such as fashion?

I am currently dating a new guy and things are going well. We are similar in so far as he is the co-founder of a computer business, and I like that he is entrepreneurial. It’s great to be able to discuss things about business with him, as business is all I think about. The other day we went on a date and we were having a discussion about the concept of luxury expensive handbags.

I was saying that I have been eyeing a Louis Vuitton Astrid wallet for many days now, and I am considering a purchase. I love the Astrid wallet in the Monogram canvas. Lots of people have opinions about Louis Vuitton. Some people think it’s tacky, faked too much etc. I could care less how many people wear fake Louis Vuitton handbags or wallets. I want the real thing because I know I will keep it for a long time, so to me spending a few hundred pounds on a beautifully made leather good seems like a good investment into my looks and the importance of retaining myself in the way I like.

My boyfriend and I had an interesting discussion about this because he did not think it was worth it and he couldn’t understand why you should buy a luxury handbag/leather good when you can get one for cheaper.

You can imagine how this conversation turned out LOL.

The most important thing I am learning is that how people value things is different. Find out what your value system is and live by it, but don’t look at other people’s purchases and say that it is too expensive. I don’t look at anyone’s purchasing choices and think that’s a waste of money because that human being made a choice to put value in the product, therefore making it valuable.

Whether you are into Louis Vuitton or Land Rovers, if you put value on the products you choose, they become valuable. I have lots of things I want to achieve and Louis Vuitton & Land Rover are just two examples of that. I don’t think it is about being materialistic. I think it is about wanting to gain things for yourself to prove a certain mark of success.

Roll on, I say. What say you?


3 thoughts on “How do you put worth in money?: an editorial about hair, business and life

  1. K, I feel like I’m in the same boat at you. Now that I have this new long with working a second I’m making a lot more money and I have to say it’s tempting to want to spend sometimes. I think sometimes it’s good to splurge not all the time sometime and this is coming from someone who is extremely cheap! My friends and family get so mad at me b/c they say I never buy myself anything. So unless it’s something I really want and can get my money worth then I’ll buy it. I think you should buy the wallet you’ve been working really hard look at it as a gift to yourseld.

    • Babe, I really agree with you and another thing, it is so hard to try and assess what you deem worth it or not. I know that the wallet is worth it though! I adore it!

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