Protective Hair Wish: I want curls like THIS!

How do I achieve curls like this? I would like a curly hair protective style like this but not blonde. A black colour instead.

A protective weave?

Pick and drop braids?

Please help!


6 thoughts on “Protective Hair Wish: I want curls like THIS!

  1. Yes I would suggest using a curler set on straight hair. I think utilizing a weave is also the option because curls would also be willing to stay longer in your hair without reapplying the process as often. If not wanting a weave, certainly you could purchase a wig. Make sure you give your hair a break between wearing a weave because I hear too often use can result to some hair loss. Our natural hair needs to breathe in between use. 🙂

  2. I would say weave. I’ve used curlformers before on my hair they do achieve the curl but your hair definitely has to be straight for the curls to look good.

  3. I would say a complete sew in weave might be best. you would have to either get straight hair and roller set or if you can buy curly hair that pattern it would do

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