How important is weight loss to you?

I’d really like to know how you all cope with weight loss. About a fortnight ago, I was 58 kilos which is the lowest I have been since I was 18. Now I am 61 kilos due to some over-zealous eating.

What I want to know is how important is weight loss or maintaining your weight to me? Since I have started doing this or trying to do my copywriting business, I have noticed that my weight has been on good terms with me but in fact it has also been something that is difficult to maintain because I spend a certain amount of hours on the computer.

I would like to be 57 kilos and have a thoroughly toned body. This is difficult because the willpower to do squats is basically at 0% for me. I love the idea of being slim and having a sick body like Nicki Minaj but sadly my willpower is 0 AND 0!

How do you all deal with weight?


One thought on “How important is weight loss to you?

  1. I try to eat right, limit fried food and limit sugar and sweets. When I really feel the urge and feel like I’m gaining weight I start running again and it helps de-stress me. Slow interval training until I’m running 15k a week. If you’re interested check out the free program you can use on any mp3 player/phone at

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