Do you ever feel discounted?

My life at the moment is a mixture of finding clients, executing on work done for clients and invoices. And I met someone*. It is busy because I don’t feel like I doing as much work as I can do. This week I took out my braids and the good news is my hair is growing. The bad news is at the moment I feel like a discounted version of myself. I have noticed changes in how people see my work here.

Example 1: Recently, I was telling my mum about the work I have been doing for some of my clients. One day, some repairmen came to fix one of the garage doors. This sounds so petty but it really annoyed me. The banging they made sounded completely nuclear. I was feeling frustrated because I could not focus whatsoever on my work. I told my mum and was pretty much pushed away about the issue. Why don’t people here take the work I do seriously?

Example 2: This is the more annoying example. I was told to apply for a job by a family member. I just do as I am told here because I don’t want to seen as someone who does not listen. Next thing I know the people who I applied to are talking to my extended family members about me applying for some job but they don’t even contact me! It really upset me because why are people at a company talking about me applying for a job without contacting me first? How can you look at someone’s ‘confidential’ job application and then tell their brother or cousin that they applied? WTF Tanzania! What fucked me off about it was more the fact people do not take the work I do for my clients seriously and have this idea that I should just get a ‘real’ job.

I am not a bargain, I am not a discount. The work I am doing should not be seen as just messing around on the internet: it is marketing and copywriting, those are professions that people pay for. Why is it so hard for people to understand something that is different? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.

*More on him at a later date!


4 thoughts on “Do you ever feel discounted?

  1. Thats Tanzania for you. Im coming back soon and ive been told to be ‘mentally’ prepared. confidentiality is not in the dictionary over there and if you dont have a nine to five job its even worse. Anyway, I hope youll settle well

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