Did You Watch Beverly Hills Fabulous?

Yesterday VH1 premiered its new show called Beverly Hills Fabulous which focuses on stylist Elgin Charles hair salon. I have to say I was very interested in seeing the show because it focuses on a predominately black hair salon. Although the first show didn’t really talk much about actual hair other than the snippet with celebrity host Tanika whom I was surprised to find out that her curly fro all along has been a weave.

Looks like I need to get myself to Elgin because her curly weaves look so good. Tanika actually didn’t go for a curly fro style this time but opted for a straight weave that in my opinion looked good. Elgin can definitely bust out some styles. I wonder throughout the show will we see any natural styles, most of the women seem to be getting their hair pressed or curled.

What did you think of the show?

I’ll definitely be watching this season if you haven’t already done so check out the trailer …




7 thoughts on “Did You Watch Beverly Hills Fabulous?

  1. I saw this show! Did you see the part where the one stylist with the stank attitude was all “Don’t come to me with no big natural hair cause I ain’t interested.” I couldn’t believe that, especially his client at the time appeared to have natural hair.

    As for Tanika Ray, I know she came in for a straight weave. But isn’t the curly hair hers? Where did they show that as being a weave?

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