Product Review: Yes To Carrots Hair Mask with Pics

For the last week I’ve been wearing my hair in a ponytail because I’ve been in no need to do it. But after a week I grew tired of my dry ponytail and constant use of water. So yesterday I decided to use Yes to Carrots Hair Condition Mask which I bought at the store on clearance for $3 what a bargain! This was my first time using this product and I absolutely love it. The directions said to apply the product on dry hair, but of course I don’t follow the rules. I applied the conditioner on wet hair while I was in the shower and let it sit for 15 minutes. As soon as I put this product on my hair I could quickly feel a difference in my texture. My hair became very soft and easy to manage and on top that my curls became more defined. After rinsing the conditioner out I notice my hair was very much moisturized and because of that I didn’t need to use shea butter as I usually do. To sum it up my hair was soft, manageable, and moisturized.


Before: Dry Hair




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