Hair Update: Revisiting Yarn Twist

I need a break from my hair so I’m going back to yarn twist in about a week or so. This time I’m taking a whole different approach when comes to the yarn twist.

1. Deep Condition! Last time I didn’t deep conditioned my hair before I put the yarn twist in. So this time around I plan on deep conditioning the day before for more moisture.

2. Twist vs. Braid – I’m not sure if I want to twist the yarn or braid it into my hair.  One of the reasons I would want to braid the yarn in is so the hair would last longer. The only reason I would twist it again is because it’s quicker to do. Last time it took me about 8 to 10 to do my hair.

3. Color – It’s very hard trying to match yarn colors to hair colors. I wasnt very happy with my last color but it was the closest I could get. I plan to go to a bigger store that has more yarn color options to match my hair.


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