Hair Color Suggestions

Sometimes coloring your hair can make a world of difference, and I would know because every year around spring I color my hair. Now I would like to add that I actually stopped that tradition last year and decided to give my hair a break last spring. But now that my color has grown out somewhat and my hair is looking pretty dull I’m looking into dyeing it soon. I usually like to go with a brown or bronze color for a more natural look, but this year I want to try something different. I’ m not sure of what I’m going to try but I need something fresh. In the past I did try using cassia which is like henna to color my hair naturally but It really didn’t do much to my hair. I’ve added a list of colors and pictures I don’t like …

1. Blonde – I refuse to go super blonde for example, Keri Hilson hair is way too blonde for me my hair would probably break off it I went this blonde.


2. Red – I’m not a big fan of red hair at all especially with it being this drastic like Rihanna.

Any hair suggestions ?


4 thoughts on “Hair Color Suggestions

  1. I like plum/purple. I’ve currently got some in my fringe and it’s subtle enough to get away with if I twist my hair, but it’s noticeable in bright light, so when summer comes, it’s going to be great!

    • I use to do plum back in the day, I agree I love how it looks in the sun. I might have to revisit those days. Thanks for commenting.

  2. I sooo agree, blonde left my hair dry and brittle so I went back to black welll almost ( Im obsessed with colour) so right now my hair is a chocolate brown, my poor bf probli has whiplash frm the amount of times I change my hair colour lol

    • Aurelie I’m obsessed also that’s why I only color my hair once a year. The last time I went blonde which wasn’t a crazy blonde but it still made my hair dry. I’ll be sticking to darker colors this time around.

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