Hair Update: Thickness and Length

I just took my hair down from week old twist that I were wearing and let me say my hair is so oily and dirty that I need to a co-wash  and a serious deep condition. Since this snow storm hit us pretty hard I’ve pretty much just been staying inside, so now is the perfect time to give my hair the T.L.C. it’s been missing. I’ve also included pictures of my hair, it’s becoming very thick and the length is continuously growing which is why I’m finding it harder to twist. The longer the length the longer it takes me to do my hair. I’ve been trying to think of a protective style to do in two weeks since I’ll be out of town for a while. I’m thinking of revisiting yarn twist. I’m off now to deep condition.



7 thoughts on “Hair Update: Thickness and Length

  1. Your hair looks gorgeous, nice and full plus great length. 🙂 I love when the hair has like natural crinkles, waves after you have worn it braided but in your case in twists. Looks so lovely. You make me regret cutting my hair after seeing this photo.

    How do you layer your photos to display? Is there a special code of some sort? Like a collage layout.

    Btw you and Aurelia should post your hair regimens on Charcoal Ink. How long it takes to twist your hair with and without yarn? How often you regular shampoo per week? Cowash? etc I am not sure if you all have posted your own hair regimen before here.

    • Thanks lifejourney! I layer my photos in a program called Picasa it’s free and can be found on the internet.

      Me and A. are trying to revamp the site so were trying to see what the readers want more of. So more about our hair regimen is something that I will add to the list.

      Thanks for commenting.

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