Juggling Life and Hair

I’m finding it rather hard to juggle both life and hair at the same time. Many of you might think what’s the big deal it’s only hair but my hair is suffering from neglect. I’m 24, I work two jobs that often take up my whole day, on top that I’m currently looking for a new job (not easy), I have family and friends I have to attend too and lets not forget the little social life I try to have.

So as you can see I have no time for my hair, which means I have no time to share with you all (the lovely readers) new styles. My hair practically hides under a hat and only comes out to see light while I’m at work. I feel like I really need some motivation. One of my main goals for Charcoal Ink is to be a little bit more personal, and what I mean by that is that I want to be able to share more pictures, tutorials, and hair styles. But juggling a personal life with a lack of motivation is not helping.

So I am asking you as readers to tell me what you would like to see from me. I feel like I need to set a goal every week or month. I need motivation.

You can comment and let me know. Email me at mjcarter09@gmail.com. Or take the poll.



5 thoughts on “Juggling Life and Hair

  1. I’ve gone back to locing for the same reason, it takes to much time to take care of my hair and do life.

    • Hey Bianca, I think I’m going to end up locing because of that reason. I’m trying to hold off but I’m getting tired of re-twisting my hair.

      Thanks for commenting!

  2. Product reviews, hair tutorials, how to care for your hair, healthy ingredients for the hair, reviews on natural hair salons in someone’s area. I have been to a natural hair salon but have read or heard other reviews how expensive it is. Fashion, music are also great. But more from you two on how you care for your hair and new tries with your hair regimens would be nice.

    • That’s I have not been. I forgot my “not” to a natural hair salon. Would you all ever consider locs for your hair? I used to wonder about this style for me when I first started my transition. Then I was like I do not get to play in my hair a lot. I could not bear to grow those locs long and have to cut them off to wear my hair unloc.

      • Thanks for the tips. I’ve always thought about locing but like you I’m versatile and like to do different things with my hair.

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