Hair Wants: Rahua

Rahua is another product on my list that I’m waiting to try. It’s known as the Amazon Beauty and is 100% organic and has natural ingredients. I’ve seen this product mentioned twice in magazines and decided to check it out. I usually only buy conditioners and the conditioner runs for $34. I supposed the price is high because Rahua is an actual oil that is found in the Amazon. The benefits of Rahua were listed on its site …

– Repairs dry and damaged hair
– Prevents splitting, allowing hair to grow longer
– Improves hair texture
– No more frizz
– Extends life and vibrancy of color
– Moisturizes and maintains healthy hair
– Shiny hair, easy to style
– Strengthens hair and roots
– Soothes scalp sensitivities

To learn more about the product you can visit the site.”


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