Hair Frustration

Sometimes I get so frustrated with my hair that I just want to cut it all off and start new, but we all know that’s not happening it took long to get where I’m at now. In addition to that it’s so cold here that cutting my hair is so not an option. What do you do when your frustrated with your hair? My only solution is to hide it and by hide it I mean putting it away in a protective style with weave. Do you have any solutions?


2 thoughts on “Hair Frustration

  1. Well I cut off my hair not a big chop but a bob cut. You’re right it is not worth cutting it all especially if you have spent time and effort to promote hair growth. Then again some people find natural hair easier to maintain at a shorter length. I am trying to grow my hair out this time. I do love my hair cut short. That’s the frustration for me!!!
    Since I do a lot of wash n gos, I do not worry too much about styling. California does not get too cold that it’s unbearable with wash n gos during winter season. I think twisting your own hair, wearing a weave/wig, braiding your hair, bantu knots, and even seen a woman work for same company wearing a cultural turban. I was like we can wear a turban at work. It’s the first I have seen from a black woman to use in my workplace. Isn’t your hair long enough to two strand twists and put into a bun? I should google or youtube on protective styles. I do not have any protective styles for myself.

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