Do you have the courage to send a man a drink at a bar?

Well, a cousin of mine did that lionheart bravery. Here is a short summary of what happened:

-Last week, we went to a restaurant to get something to eat. It was me, my cousin Malaika, her friend Xinyi + my other mate Tania as well. She saw a bloke who she thought was cute. She asked me if I thought he was cute, but my vision with glasses is not hot so I said no. What a huge mistake that was. The bloke was gorgeous.

Malaika said in passing that he was cute again and one thing led to another, and my friend called the waiter over and ordered a drink for the bloke but told the waiter to tell him that my cousin ordered it. Wow, it was pretty electric being there that night I must admit. He received his drink and then….he sent her a drink as well too! And gave her his number.

It was pretty amazing and what’s even better is that even in huge cities like London or Paris, women would still not do that. I just found it so amazing that my cousin actually sent him a drink. Yes there is a scope of rejection, but he sent her one back and gave her his number. Talk about a back of the net result or what!

What’s the moral of this story?

Don’t be afraid to be different. I was so proud of her, because I don’t even know if I could have the guts to do that.  I should preface that she is very beautiful but I don’t think that’s the point. I think a woman sending a guy a drink is just bloody amazing actually.

Women who send a man a drink at a bar (through the waiter) have the following traits to me:

  • Confident
  • Gutsy
  • Ballsy
  • Independet
  • Strong

I think these are incredibly wicked traits for a woman to have. I suppose I am biased because she’s my cuz but DAMN I was super impressed that night.

I need to do this at some point in my life. Would you do it?


3 thoughts on “Do you have the courage to send a man a drink at a bar?

  1. I do, but honestly, I’d much rather spend the money buying myself a drink and send him a smile instead or even better , walk over with my drink in hand.

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