Charcoal Ink’s top 7 places to meet men

Meeting Men

One of my friends was telling me that I focus too much on work, and this is true. I am trying to loosen up a little bit (lol not too much) and what else is a better way to loosen up that to either meet men or ogle at them. This post will not be for everyone. Everyone has different opinions especially as women on men, but you know what? I can tell you today I have changed wholeheartedly. Life is too damn short to worry about what men or women think at large. I want to feel like I can try new things and frankly I am not worried about people’s opinions anymore.

So as a time-starved, busy, aspiring businesswomen, where do we go to meet men? I use the phrase ‘meet men’ loosely. This can be where to just talk to guys, look at them or just in general be sociable with me. I am not talking about any knicker whooshing here, just being sociable.


My top 10 places on where to meet men

1. Casinos: These are venues which have heaps of men. Didn’t the phrase ‘high rollers’ come from the casino culture? I remember going to casino with a male friend and my close friend N. Wow, it was full of blokes and need I add, blokes with monies. Thumbs up for meeting men who like to go out but I wouldn’t say it is a place to have a spiritual conversation.

2. Hotel bars: Okay these are a really good idea. The men who go to sleek hotel bars in capital cities such as London, Paris, New York will either be businessmen who are travelling alone OR they will be upscale local men who have a taste for the finer things in life. Hotel bars are not that expensive depending on what drink you have. I like non-alcoholic cocktails as I do not drink, so going to hotel bars is not expensive for me. Hotel bars in capital cities are a great place to go I think because they are created for a specific clientele. I like the idea of hotel bars because they are aspirational. I totally understand why it is good to go to hotel bars if you want to meet men. When I went to the Doubletree Hilton hotel bar in DSM, I saw that it was full of men.

Tip: Going to hotel bars alone is probably a cool way to meet men, as we know that men are less intimidated by a single woman than a group of friends. The trick here I believe is to go after a day at work. Say you have had a long week at work, go for after work drinks at a hotel bar by yourself as a woman, as you know you will be there for a set amount of time and you are treating yourself to a drink alone in a nice bar. This way, the pressure of meeting men is off. I really want to go to a sleek hotel bar alone for a drink, and I will do it at some point in this vein.

Now you have to comment and tell me 5-10 places that you think are good ideas to meet men. Doesn’t matter if they are similar but give some reasons!

3. Car shows: I know you are thinking, is she being serious? I have not tried this yet, but I do think this would work. I love cars, and I can imagine that most car shows are full of heaps of men running around salivating over engines. I think this would be a bountiful place to go to have a browse at what men are on the market, to use business speak!

4. Gym: This is a tried and tested method, but how I would work it is going frequently to improve myself first and any guy you meet is a bonus. The plus side here is you will be meeting physically fit men, the downside is they could be married in which case, it’s a huge #fail!

Tip: Join a gym class at your local sports centre such as womens football. When we did at university, the mens football finished just before ours, and they always walked past us and smiled. Primetime to introduce oneself.

5. Going to a restaurant alone: This for me is probably one of the best ideas. I was chatted up recently at a restaurant here in DSM by a man. He asked me about my hair and said it looked really pretty. I noticed he did this as I had already finished my meal and was just drinking my drink. I went to a restaurant this afternoon as well alone and again, it was pretty fun. I love to eat out and I love food. I noticed many men were looking at me, not necessarily thinking I am hot or whatever but more the fact that a woman is eating alone.

Tip: Go to a restaurant alone for lunch. This is a good idea if you are shy and feel self conscious as dinner could be a bit too full on if you are shy to eat alone.

6. Electronic stores: Heaps and heaps of men at these types of stores. Anything with cables or LCD is going to be fortified with blokes. I have heard all types of advice on how to approach men in these shops but women stick out like a sore throat. Electronics are your friend.

7. Museums/galleries: I do think you can meet really interesting people here. I have never figured out how to successfully get hit on here LOL but from what I can tell, the types of people that go here are of a high calibre.

Where do you go to meet men? Tell us in your comments!


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