Do You Prefer Braid Outs or Twist Outs?

When it comes to braid outs and twist outs there is definitely a difference in curl patterns. I believe braid-outs tend to have more of a looser pattern and twist-outs have more of a tighter pattern. I personally prefer a twist-out but I don’t like doing them. For instance, in order for me to achieve the perfect twist-out the twist has to be done in smaller sections and  who wants to do small single twist that takes about 2 hours only to then take them out … not cool. Now when it comes to braid outs, I have to say I’ve failed numerous times. My hair is just way to thick to braid and doesn’t want to stay braided. So if I had to choose it would be a twist out, but as you see I rarely do these styles I don’t have the time or the patience.

Which do you prefer?


4 thoughts on “Do You Prefer Braid Outs or Twist Outs?

  1. I think I prefer twist out just because I’m more use to doing them than braid outs. I can twist my hair faster than I can braid my hair in smaller individual plaits, so trying to achieve a braid out takes time, but I do like my braid out look a lot because it is more fuller and stretched out than my coily twist outs. For me, I always twist or braid my hair when wet, wear the twists or braids for a few days, than undo them and have a twist or braid out.

    • Thanks for commenting. Your right twisting hair is a lot a faster. I don’t both twist/braid outs are cute but so time consuming. I might try a twist out soon.

  2. I think I prefer braid outs because it was the styled used during transition. Afterwards I stuck to this learned style to care for my hair. Only difference for me I would braid after I shampooed and conditioned my hair. It was more a plait out in different sections. I have tried twist outs and for me it’s harder to hold twist outs. They want to unravel and stay loose. Have you tried braiding/plaiting your hair while it is wet? For me twist out takes a lot of practice. I do not like spending time to take down multiple twists either done in smaller size. Plaits/braids will create big hair but I think similarly can be achieve with twists. I think it has to do more with the density/thickness of your hair for volume.

    • Thanks life journey for commenting. I have actually tried braiding my hair while it’s wet and it a fail. In order for me to achieve a braid out I would have to do very small braids b/c my hair is so thick. Also my hair doesn’t really like to stay braided and likes to unravel. I just don’t have the time or patience to do small braids. I think my hair is just way too thick. I use to do braid outs when I was transitioning also but I think it was easier back then because I had permed hair still.

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