Does Jodie Hall have one of the most beautiful Afros ever? Definitely

1) Tell us a bit about yourself (where you are from, and what your hobbies are?)

I was born on April 20th 1989 in London England. My mother is half Indian and half white (British) and my Father is Jamaican.

I enjoy ice skating, eating out, reading books and keeping fit.

2) Most black and mixed-race women have a tumultuous relationship with their hair. What has your hair story been like?

I started doing my own hair since the age of about eight years old. I remember my mother used to do my hair and always found it hard to comb it and styling it. She used to use pink moisturiser in my hair. When I started taking an interest in hair styling and hair products I remember using about ten different products all at once which resulted to my hair falling and becoming weak as they did not mix well. I can honestly say I have tried about 30 different hair products in my life until I found the right ones for my hair. I find that natural products are the best for my hair and help it to grow long and thick.

At one point I hated having such thick hair that I had it texturised which resulted in a big disaster as I left it on for too long and loads of hair came out and broke off when I was washing it out!

3) Many women watch your YouTube channel to discuss Afro hair. What reactions do you get from people because of your gorgeous, voluminous Afro?

I am always reading that I have inspired women to wear their hair in their natural state which means so much to me as I think afro hair is beautiful and those that have been blessed with hair like mine should embrace it and show it off to the world!

When I am out in public with my hair out in an afro, I get people giving me nice compliments like “you have lovely hair”, “how long did it take to grow your hair like that”, “I love your hair”!

4) Can you tell us some of your favourite products to use on your hair?

My favourite products that I have used with brilliant results are:
1. Organicrootstimulator carrot oil — I have found this to be the best product in strengthening the hair shaft. After using it for a month I had no breakage what so ever. I would comb my hair and there would barely be any hairs in the comb!
2. Burdock root butter cream – If you watched my YouTube video “TOP 3 NATURAL AFRO HAIR PRODUCTS FOR EVERY DAY USE” You will see what this product looks like and i describe what it does for your hair in detail
3. 911 leave in treatment — perfect for after washing your hair. It has all essential vitamins for your hair and it locks in moisture and keeps it in fabulous condition.

5) I know you are a model. Can you tell us whether your hair has helped you land jobs, or just what clients think about your hair in general?

I do get part time modelling jobs from time to time and my hair does play a very big part in it. A lot of the time they want to leave my hair natural and will make it even bigger so that it stands out.

6) What are your favourite hairstyles to wear?

To be honest I can’t seem to do much with my hair because it is so thick and it’s not past my shoulders so hairstyles are limited. But I do like to sweep it all do the side and hold it down with clips and have the rest curly. It looks very pretty and when I use product in my hair mixed with water it brings out the lovely tight curles that I have!

7) Do you think you would ever do anything drastic like cut off your hair like Amber Rose?

No never! I think Amber Rose looks awful! I have never found women with shaved heads attractive.

8) What do you think of celebrities like Solange & Chrisette Michele becoming natural, is it just a phase?

I think it’s good when celebs take a break from weave and excessive styling as it is no good for the hair. I always think natural is best and I think women who have their hair natural are respected a lot more,

9) Have you ever experimented with hair colour, and if so what are your thoughts and advice on dyeing Afro hair?

I have never coloured my hair as I love the colour of my hair as it is, and I am aware that colouring the hair is very drying and can change te texture of your hair. I would never dye my hair.

What do you think of Jodie’s hair? Let us know in the comments. Jodie has a really popular YouTube following with over 2,000 YouTube subscribers. Yes, over 2,000 YouTube subscribers because Jodie’s knowledge about hair is incredible. Watch Jodie in action on her YouTube channel.

[all pictures courtesy of Jodie Hall — don’t copy without permission cheers!]


5 thoughts on “Does Jodie Hall have one of the most beautiful Afros ever? Definitely

  1. you are very inspirational and not just for being a natural curly girl but for being an example for others to be themselves. your videos are extremely funny and entertaining thank you for sharing yourself with the rest of the world 😃

  2. Hey everyone is JodieTheNutter! Thank you all for your support and suscriptions! More videos are on their way! If you have inboxed me and I haven’t got back to you yet I do apoligise. I’ve got so many mails to get through! If you are on facebook feel free to add me by searching: Jodie Mica Hall and don’t forget if you do, to send me a message telling me your a suscriber so that I accept you!


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