What exactly are you going to achieve this year? + Why New Years Resolutions never work

I am always writing down goals and trying to assess where I am going in my life. I do believe in this vision board stuff, but for me, I am more into vision goal assertions, which is why I am going to try and make a PowerPoint of my vision goals.

What will you be doing to? I want to know, so tell me in the comments.

I am not afraid to share what my goals for this year are because quite frankly, I have to say it out loud so it becomes more real.

Background: 2011, most goals were achieved. Two goals that I am the most proud of is that I got my Masters degree in December 2010, which is great news and a huge relief to me. And I also managed to sell third body advertising on vox-popPRcareers, which was my Masters course. So these were two goals I achieved so I am very happy about that, but I know I have to work much harder if I am going to make it.

New Years Resolutions do not work because they are seen as just that, being part of the NY and not the year itself. I see goals for your vision as being stuff you can stick to better.

This years goals [here we go]

  1. Get 10,300 commissioned briefs from clients (So far, I have done 10 >> 10,290 to go)
  2. Move back to the UK
  3. Buy a 2007 Land Rover Defender 90 (Price: it ranges as a used car between £20K-£25K depending on miles
  4. Build an emergency savings pot
  5. Buy my first house/flat without a mortgage – just cash

These are very big goals, and I know they will be difficult to land, but where are we without goals? It’s January > I have got to be focused and get cracking!

I refuse to buy expensive designer handbags that I crave until I hit all of these 5 goals first.

Indulge me – what are your goals?



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