Are You Treated Differently by Men Because Your Natural

I just got done reading an interesting post called Do Natural Women Get Hit On? by Single Black Male if you havent heard of them there a blog/website that talks about dating, marriage and sex particularly focusing on the black culture. After reading this article it had me thinking about how men in general have approached me since I’ve been natural. I would say that men have treated me differently both negatively and positive. Firstly, when I became natural back in 2005 in college I chopped most of my hair off. No one really said anything negative but the looks told it all. I notice that I was less approached by men than I was when I had a perm. As my hair grew and I started wearing different natural styles a lot of men admire my hair. I can say as of right now a lot of men actually approach me and tell me how much they like my hair. I’ve had some men tell me that my hair really fits me, I’ve had men tell me that their daughters would look good rocking natural hair. I can’t say that women that wear their hair natural exhibit themselves as something else. Or that wearing a perm means you’re a certain type of woman. But I will say I have mix reviews about the subject. What do you think?



4 thoughts on “Are You Treated Differently by Men Because Your Natural

  1. Since I locked up I tend to get stepped to as “natural sister” more than anything else. I don’t mind it, but since I see locs as a hairstyle not a lifestyle, the stereotype can a little frustrating. For example, saying “Jah” to me will rarely elicit a response…

  2. I get very positive reviews and find that I get approached by more men when I have my natural fro out. When I wear braids, people still admire it but prefer my funky fro.

  3. This is a really interesting viewpoint. I deffo think you are treated differently as a woman with natural hair, as people associate natural hair with various cultural and political decisions.

    I think what it shows men is you are not afraid to be yourself, by the same token, you don’t follow what society says makes a girl supposedly ‘hot’.

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