How do you create a Facebook group for Natural Hair? Ask Pelumi Rae

Besides being lovely, stunning and an all around nice girl who I met at City University, and who is mentioned in the Black Beauty & Hair article I wrote, Pelumi is a fluent in all things Facebook. The creator of the Care For Your Hair Facebook group, it has over 2,000 group members who participate all about natural hair. It’s incredible. Anyone who can decipher Facebook and get people in a forum is brilliant, so delve into this interview.

On favourite natural hair styles:

My favourite style is a bantu knot-out. This is just basically two-strand twisting your hair and then putting the twists into bantu knots/china bumps. I usually leave them in over night and take them out the next day…I do this style all the time!

On what family & friends said about going natural:

When I first went natural many family members were confused with my decision however most friends were very much supportive. As time went on and my family members realised that my natural hair is here to stay it grew on them. Many of them have now gone natural because of my decision and constantly ask me for tips on how to take care of their hair.

On Natural hair celebrities:

I think its nice to see natural celebrities, it does help to reinforce the beauty of natural hair to those that don’t see it much.

On the natural hair lifestyle:

It’s a lifestyle to me in the sense that i can’t see me ever relaxing my hair again… I love my natural hair, but I havn’t let it change me or the way I view other ladies and their hair decision. There are some naturals out there that see relaxed ladies as the ‘enemy’ and I find it so funny because at the end of the day its just hair.


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