Style Postcards from Portsmouth: Enyonam Agamasu


As natural hair lovers, we can definitely appreciate that all types of Afro hair have their beauty and shine, and I don’t know anyone else who exemplifies top class stunning hair style like Enyonam Agamasu, M.D. A childhood friend of mine for over a decade, when you meet her, her voice comes all over you like a cup of warm milk. With a creamy intonation when she talks, you are basically overwhelmed by her beauty which is courtesy of Ghana, that African country which did us so proud in 2010 for obvious reasons. Enyonam, 24, a doctor,  just has this style. Whenever I was out and about with her in London whether we were going shopping or in the Tube, I am not joking or being biased when I say she turns heads, and that’s not because she can save lives!

In this interview, Portsmouth-based Enyonam explains the ethos behind her hair & her style. All the pictures are high-resolution so email subscribers & RSS readers, please click through to see.

1) Can you explain what your style is about?

I am all about volume and curls. I really admire 80’s style hair dos. My curls tend to alternate between big and small. I stick to black hair although in the past I have added highlights and even dyed it brown.

2) How important is your hair when creating your style?

I feel like no matter what I am wearing, if my hair is not done to my satisfaction, I will never feel that great. Before parties and other events I always make sure my hair is done before the outfit is even decided on. However at times the health of my natural hair has been overshadowed by my enthusiasm to experiment with different styles. I really regret dying my natural hair brown to match my weave hair.

3) What is your must have tool for your hair?

It has to be the curling iron. I’m a big fan of Herstyler Baby curls curling iron and the Babyliss hair curling wand. I buy only straight weave hair and curl it. I have tried buying curly hair but I find the type of curl is never quite what I am looking for.

4) You sport awesome weaves. Who is your stylist or do you do it yourself?

I do it myself mainly. There are times when I will go to a hairdresser though and get it done. My favourite salon is one in Brooklyn New York. There is an amazing Hispanic hair stylist there. She knows all about volume and waves.

5) What do you think of the natural hair movement?

I love the natural hair look too. I think it’s important to feel comfortable with your natural hair at the same time. There are a variety of styles you can still obtain with natural hair. I attend some poetry nights, where the natural style is the main style sported by most women. A month ago I left my hair natural and really enjoyed it.

6) What are your favourite brands for your hair?

I love IC (inter Cellular) brand. They do an excellent Hair polisher and shampoo. I also use IC shea butter sheen spray with is excellent for providing daily moisturizing and shine treatment.

7) What is your earliest hair memory?

Lol It has to be the hair threading. My hair was shaved at the age of 2 and became very thick in early childhood. For school my mother would threat it for me. Sometimes it would be the whole length of hair then she would make it into all these amazing patterns. I do recall thinking they looked like insect antennae before the threaded parts were tied down.

8 ) How important is fashion to you in regards to how you style your hair?

As time has passed I feel I have experimented with several hairstyles. I’ve gone from the natural look to the braids and finally the weave. I feel much of my change in hair reflects my current fashion interest too. When I look at magazines and fashion shows, I always pay attention to the hair styles and often feel the hair can make or break a look for me.

What do you think about Enyonam’s Style? Let us know in the comments box and take our poll below. We want to hear from you!


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